WCG Media Party @ Pike Brewing Co.


Our final night in Seattle for the World Cyber Games had us attending the Media Party held by the WCG event organizers and Samsung. John, Sarah (John’s wife), Stephen and I were looking forward to kicking back a few beers after a long day of walking around.The Media Party was held at the Pike Brewing Company and Pub, they have a wide selection of in-house brews to satisfy just about any palate and they put on a simple, yet hearty, fare to fill us up.

Large tour buses picked us up from Qwest Field and the buses were on regular standby to transport drunken guests back to the event.


As you can see, despite all the other food, Stephen favored the chicken wings. Unfortunately, he was driving back me to Vancouver so I had to suffer the aftermath. I think all my nose hairs burned off :(


John and myself just got wasted and soon became best drinking buddies. I love you man!


The Panda Slayer soon saw one of his soon-to-be victims and went on a drunken rampage.


All in all, free booze and free food added up to some good, messy fun for all of us and was a great way to wrap up our visit to Seattle and the World Cyber Games Grand Final. We left on Friday night but the Grand Finals continue on until Sunday, October 7th, 2007. You can view the results at their official website.


Here’s a video I took of the Xbox 360 demo they had playing at the event. I put in my own music to replace the drunken background noise 😉

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2007-10-08 01:15:30
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[…] drunken pictures of Leo Chiang hugging John Chow at the World Cyber Games, check out Leo’s latest entry. There’s also a before and after shot of Stephen Fung eating a mountain of chicken wings. […]

Comment by Hannes Johnson Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-08 13:42:52
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Cool pics. Looks like you had fun :)

Comment by Bigman Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-08 22:53:24
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Aye looks like you had an aweome time, next time do some prank to the panda killer though :)

Comment by Nick Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-30 09:55:59
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Free food and free booze, who can argue with that? Haha, getting Chow drunk sounds like a fun experience.

2007-12-12 03:48:03
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[…] bar and nightclub industry. I received the invite last weekend and, like usual, could not turn down free food and booze ;)With temperatures hovering at the freezing mark, I’m glad they did not take the […]

Comment by Ahmed
2008-02-22 11:28:39
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All that food’s making me hungry

looks like u had a good time bro

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