Wally's Burgers: A Sign of the Times


Wally’s Burgers has been a local icon since the 1960’s, when Kingsway was the strip that local hot rodders and car enthusiasts would cruise down in their muscle cars. I think Honda was still making rickshaws at the time. These same cruisers would stop into Wally’s Burgers and fuel up on their Deluxe Wagons and signature milkshakes.

Unfortunately, at the end of March, Wally’s Burgers will be closing its doors for good. The owner of Wally’s would love for the business to continue, but the landlord has chosen to not renew the lease. Most likely a new condominium development will replace the current landmark in this hot Vancouver real estate market. Monthly taxes and rent linger at the $6500 mark, so it’s also probably tough to sell that many burgers to cover the overhead expenses.


Stephen and I already did a review on Wally’s Burgers last year. To commemorate its closure, we decided to hit up Wally’s again after our recent return to Crossfit ( I haven’t worked out since August 2007). Barely able to walk from our workout, we hobbled into the local landmark eatery once more. Paying tribute to Wally’s just seemed like the right thing to do. Stephen went with the Deluxe Wagon while I went with the slightly smaller Chuck Wagon, the only difference is that there was no cheese and hot dog on my burger. I also opted for the spicy curly fries and hot onion scoops with a large strawberry milkshake as sides. We were just about finished when Michael also showed up to join us for a meal. Perhaps this week we will move our Dot Com Pho to Dot Com Burger at Wally’s 😉


I’m not entirely sure why, but this time around my burger was absolutely delicious! Goodbye Wally’s Burgers.


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Comment by Michael Kwan
2008-03-04 13:31:15
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“We were just about finished when Michael also showed up to join us for a meal.”

In my defence, Stephen told me to show up at quarter after 12, which I did.

Comment by Ahmed Subscribed to comments via email
2008-03-04 18:03:01
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Heh, seems a delicious Burger that I wana taste.

Comment by Gdog Subscribed to comments via email
2008-03-04 18:35:05
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I have yet to be Wally Burger’d…dot com pho should go on Saturday! :)

Comment by Derek Subscribed to comments via email
2008-03-05 00:04:30
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It sucks when the little dive places like this close after being around for so long – they are usually the places with the best food.

Comment by BigMan Subscribed to comments via email
2008-03-05 07:11:45
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Leo I was kind of expecting a picture with you and a super mega burger or something :)

Comment by Bob Buskirk
2008-03-05 13:54:10
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Sad to see a small landmark like that go, looks like good food too

Comment by FantasyGirl
2008-03-09 15:32:46
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So sad. It’s getting harder to find small burger joints nowadays. There’s nothing like a good juicy burger and salty fries.

2008-03-11 14:37:58
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[…] honour of the iconic Wally’s Burgers closing its doors at the end of the month, it was decided to forgo our usual Dot Com Pho this week and have Dot Com Burger at Wally’s. […]

Comment by Brett Warner Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-31 12:09:20
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Never has an article made me so sad and so hungry at the same time :(

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