UFC 69 Fight Night


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, just been busy with work, recovering from my crazyimgp4037.JPG Crossfit/Spartan workouts and trying to sort out issues of the heart.

Last night we had our UFC get together at my buddy’s downtown penthouse, as you can see from the pics, the view is quite nice. It’s much nicer on a clear day!

The fights were quite a disappointment. Boring would explain the Diego/Koscheck fight, no action at imgp4038.JPGall. They were just dancing around each other. St. Pierre seemed to be timid and was on the run, heimgp4046.JPG never recovered from a couple of slips, Serra dominated the first round to a knock out victory. Such a shame that St. Pierre held the Welterweight title for such a short time after a dominating victory over long-time champ Matt Hughes.

Still a good night though. Good friends, a budding romance and some bad karaoke from Justin during Guitar Hero made for some good times. Looking forward to seeing Ortiz take on UFC president Dana White this Thursday (12th) in a boxing match.




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Comment by Matt Propst Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-08 11:42:02
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Yeah, Tito had an interesting comment about the boxing match in his MySpace blog. Should be a good fight. From what Tito had said apparently Dana is apparently not a novice at boxing.

What’re your opinions of the ultimate fighter 5?

Comment by Leo
2007-04-08 21:22:47
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So far so good, there’a already so much drama on UF5 and it just started. They’re fighting already! I’ve been a fan of Penn for some time now so I’m really looking to see him rock!

Comment by Juan Francisco Diez Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-08 17:52:45
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Brahma? I didn´t know you had those in Canada 😛

Comment by Leo
2007-04-08 21:21:21
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if it’s one thing we don’t have a shortage of in Canada, it’s beer! 😉

Comment by Shawn Knight Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-08 18:09:02
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Awesome view indeed! I was keeping up with the UFC updates from a MMA website that was posting results as they happened. Certainly surprised to see Georges get knocked out, I couldnt believe it!

Also interesting to see UFC acquire Pride… hopefully they will bring in some more great talent to really mix things up.

BTW, any more info on that boxing match? I caught a quick commercial bit about it but that is all I have heard….

Comment by Leo
2007-04-08 21:23:34
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haven’t heard much either, it’s on right after Ultimate Fighter 5 this Thursday.

Comment by simple american Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-10 09:02:29
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Awesome view of the city. Hope I get back that way someday.

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