The Dot Com Diet: Lunch at Feenies


imgp4804.JPGMet up with the Dot Com Boys again for a casual lunch at Feenies, one of the restaurants owned by the Canadian Iron Chef Rob Feenie. I’ve heard about their famous foie gras burger for some time now but I had yet to taste it. The $50 price tag also held me back. Well, I finally caved into the Dot Com pressure and the Evil John Chow made reservations for us this afternoon.

The Feenie burger itself is $16 (comes with fries), the foie gras addition is $25. Go figure. I also went with the short ribs for $7. The coffee, although very tasty, was an inflated $4 (I made sure to have lots of the free refills).

There was also the option of changing your fries to poutine for an additional $3, Stephen was the only one to take this choice. The burger also came with four sauce condiments: Heinz 57, mayo/fish sauce, dill mayo and a spicy mustard.


I’m normally a value eater, meaning I’m not into the whole over-priced fancy-schmancy dining experience, but I’m open to trying everything once. I would much rather hit up a place like Memphis Blues where $30 would get me and 2-3 friends a satisfying, finger-licking good meal.

I was impressed with the size of the burger, I had expected the short ribs to be on the side but it was shredded and added into the bottom of the burger patty, with the foie gras nestled on top of the hamburger patty.

My bill ended up being $65, including tip. It was actually $64.49 but they already added a 17% service charge, being the Chi-Jew (Chinese Jew) that I am I just rounded it up. I usually tip 20% but since they imposed the tip on me I won’t fret about it.


The burger was very good, and the foie gras and short ribs also made it very rich and greasy. Admittedly, I’d probably splurge on occasion and go back for the tasty Feenie foie gras burger. The price, and the fact that it’s probably about 4000 calories, are the only factors that would hinder me from going back more often.

In attendance: (Left side, front to back) John Chow, Stephen (looks like he’s eating John’s burger) Fung and Michael (blocked by Stephen) Kwan. (Right side, front to back) Greg Morgan, Gary Ng, Ed (looking confused) Lau and moi, Leo (changing into a lycan) Chiang. Taking the picture is John’s wife, Sarah.



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2007-09-18 16:15:00
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[…] Leo Chiang DOT COM loves Beyond the Rhetoric! Food and drink18 Sep 2007 03:31 […]

2007-09-18 17:10:36
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Looking at all that delicious food in those pics gets me all hungry 😛

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-09-18 17:31:36
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What the heck is Poutine?

Comment by Leo
2007-09-18 17:33:47
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Wow, you haven’t lived life until you have some good poutine. My favorite is the poutine at New York Fries. It’s basically fries with melted mozza cheese and gravy. Sometimes chives/green onions and bacon bits are thrown in as well. Delicious!

Comment by Gdog Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-18 17:41:23
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The poutine at Costco is killer too–for your heart that is!

Man, you ain’t a balla until you’ve met a Chi-Jew…”I’ve been Chi-Jew’d!!”

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-09-18 17:45:05
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Really!?! soundsy yummy and bad for the figure:(

Comment by derek Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-20 11:10:44
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I’m glad you asked because I had no idea either but figured I would just go on not knowing. :)

2007-09-18 18:26:59
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Sounds good…not a big burger eater, ‘specially with that price tag, but hey – Great burgers make it worth it when I do have one.

That fry concoction sounds like a must have…:D

Chi-Jew? LMAO

Comment by John Chow
2007-09-18 18:57:15
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I am still full from the burger and it’s dinner time.

Comment by Leo
2007-09-18 19:03:43
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I’m full on green tea :)

Comment by Ed Lau
2007-09-18 19:29:28
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I don’t think I need to eat for the rest of the day. I’ve got a bit of a McHeadache…

Comment by Stephen
2007-09-18 22:10:03
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Wait till you get the Mc Shitz 😀

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Comment by Leo
2007-09-18 23:28:57
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Haha, that’s why I had some digestive enzymes when I got home from Feenies. I also had a snack of yogurt to help the old tummy.

2007-09-18 23:52:37
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[…] Chow and his wife Sarah, Ed “London Drugs Employee of the Month” Lau, Michael Kwan, Leo “I’m an Actor! Fill My Trailer With Foie Gras” Chiang, Gary “No Kimchi For Me Today” Ng, and “The Captain” Greg […]

Comment by Derrich Subscribed to comments via email
2007-09-19 08:40:33
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Damn, that looks delicious!

Comment by Michael Samuel
2007-09-19 13:22:29
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mmmm……The delicious food stimulates my tongue. Thanks for the delicious pics…

Comment by la_leah
2007-09-19 14:25:47
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niccccee…the funny thing about Feenie’s is one person can order their Steak and Eggs and end up with a decent portion of food…another person can order their Ravioli and end up with four little pieces of stuffed pasta on an over sized plate.

Comment by Leo
2007-09-19 19:04:23
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I guess you were stuck with the mini-ravioli on a big plate 😉

Comment by la_leah
2007-09-20 23:04:07
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no no…I think I ordered the halibut which wasn’t man friendly sized but good enough for me…I’ve heard about somewhere offering a monster sized burger with an entire portobello mushroom on it…can’t remember where but I will pass the info off when I do!

2008-10-09 01:46:29
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[…] and a wonderful chocolate mousse/peanut butter brittle dessert.  Both were concoctions of Rob Feenie, who came over to our table to explain the dessert in detail as he is now working with Cactus […]

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