Code Zero Tactical Driving Course

Last month Stephen and I attended the 2007 Vancouver International Auto Show, where we signed up for the Code Zero course. Basically, the course simulates day 1 of what police recruits would go through in police academy. They have to finish the entire obstacle course with appropriate sirens (they use different sirens at intersections, when in tandem pursuit with another cruiser, etc.) and using the radio, without hitting one cone. One knocked over cone spells failure.

Stephen drove his new Suburu Impreza (with the benefit of AWD) and I drove my Ford Mustang GT, so I’m glad it was nice, dry and sunny. Wish I could of taken more photos of Stephen and I thrashing around the course, but hard to do that when we’re both driving 😉 The end of the course was a cool ride-along with the trainers in their police cruiser as they ran a course in full “emergency response” mode, the coolest experience. I took a video as I rode shotgun, the second part I jumped in the back for a rear-view experience. Almost lost my camera a few times, we were going a LOT faster than the video depicts, so sorry in advance for the camera shake. The bottom video shows Stephen doing a nice recovery after losing control, you can hear the trainer yell, “Well, he didn’t hit the truck!”

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2007-04-29 11:28:41
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[…] are the few pix taken at the Code Zero driver training course.  Since this is a course recognized by the Justice Institute of British […]

Comment by Stephen Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-29 14:45:00
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That was a lot of fun! Level II here we come! 😀

Comment by derek Subscribed to comments via email
2007-04-29 22:49:01
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So you guys didn’t get to drive the cruisers? It still looks like that would have been a lot of fun to drive the course and do the ride-along.

Comment by Leo
2007-04-29 23:00:51
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This was the very first class for this program, so they are still tweaking some of the course details. Of course it was something they considered but they brought up a good point: why the hell would anyone WANT to drive a bulky, slow Caprice over their own car? The whole point of the course is to be a better driver in your own vehicle. I had a lot of fun in my modified Stang, wouldn’t want to downgrade to a four-door mule.

Comment by Bob Buskirk
2007-05-02 14:03:22
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haha looks like alot of fun! Wonder how my car would have done?

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