The new BlackBerry STORM

My Blackberry Pearl has served me well over the last two years. The ease of use and no-frills usefulness of the BB Pearl’s trackball has given me the best, and problem free, mobile phone experience since my first cell phone fifteen years ago (remember those brick phones by Motolora?). However, I’ve been enviously looking over […]

4th Annual Taste of Yaletown

Yesterday, John Chow (with his wife Sarah), Ed Lau and Stephen Fung and myself checked out the media kick-off party for the 4th Annual Taste of Yaletown. The event runs through October 14-26 and features a list of twenty-two participating restaurants. Much like the Taste of Vancouver the restaurants offer special three-course menus at fixed […]

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

It’s been a while since I updated this site.  Been really busy working on various shows, just finished a week of night shoots on Reaper as a demon MMA fighter, performed some stunt driving on a low budget movie, and getting ready to head off for Kamloops to film a big budget movie. I finally […]

The New Bohemian in Kitsilano

It appears I may have found a new hang out. Okay, so I didn’t really find it since The New Bohemian is the creation of Ivo Staiano and Paul Gibbons whom I had the pleasure of knowing from the Balthazar’s days. When Paul and Ivo invited me to attend their grand opening I could not […]

Wally's Burgers: A Sign of the Times

Wally’s Burgers has been a local icon since the 1960’s, when Kingsway was the strip that local hot rodders and car enthusiasts would cruise down in their muscle cars. I think Honda was still making rickshaws at the time. These same cruisers would stop into Wally’s Burgers and fuel up on their Deluxe Wagons and […]

The Dot Com Diet: Lunch at Feenies

Met up with the Dot Com Boys again for a casual lunch at Feenies, one of the restaurants owned by the Canadian Iron Chef Rob Feenie. I’ve heard about their famous foie gras burger for some time now but I had yet to taste it. The $50 price tag also held me back. Well, I […]

Another Transformers Movie Review, But There's So Much More Than Meets The Eye!

*No worries, no spoilers here! By now I’m sure most of you are sick of reading reviews of the new Transformers movie, but I’m giving you another one with a touch of summer wickedness! I’ve been reliving my childhood all week anticipating the release of the Transformers film, and after jealously reading reviews from friends […]

Saltlik Review

Today I had to craving for a good steak. It just turns out that my friend Karen Pang works at a steakhouse called Saltlik, and she invited me to drop by for a visit. Who am I to turn down an offer like that! So I call my food review partner and online guru Stephen, […]

DVD Review: Curse of the Golden Flower

This is the latest Chinese epic film from director Zhang Yimou. Based 1000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty period of China, Curse of the Golden Flower is a tragic story of the Imperial family. Living a seemingly perfect and powerful existence, the family is the embodiment of an ancient Chinese proverb: “Gold and Jade […]

My Healthy Diet of Specialty Pizzas

Haven’t had much of an appetite lately and I noticed I’m already losing weight. I can’t let that happen cause then people start asking me to model and shit, you know what I mean 😉 Anyways, some of you already know that I work part-time as a loss prevention officer, and most of the people […]